Lambert series and Liouville's identities
A. Alaca ; Ş. Alaca ; E. McAfee ; K. S. Williams
GDML_Books, (2007), p.

The relationship between Liouville’s arithmetic identities and products of Lambert series is investigated. For example it is shown that Liouville’s arithmetic formula for the sum (a,b,x,y)ax+by=n(F(a-b)-F(a+b)), where n ∈ ℕ and F: ℤ → ℂ is an even function, is equivalent to the Lambert series for (n=1(q/(1-q))sinnθ)² (θ ∈ ℝ, |q| < 1) given by Ramanujan.

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A. Alaca; Ş. Alaca; E. McAfee; K. S. Williams. Lambert series and Liouville's identities. GDML_Books (2007),